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Meg Beth is a singer-songwriter from Toowoomba, who can often be found performing covers and originals from behind her piano, guitar, or the microphone in the recording studio. Her songwriting is an infectiously melodic blend of indie-pop with heartfelt lyrics.  Meg Beth released her debut EP album, Take Me Away, in late 2018 – now available on various platforms including iTunes and Spotify. 

Success with several major songwriting prizes for young artists over the past few years has spurred her passion for music. She was awarded a coveted spot in the Big Sky Girls Songwriting mentorship program in 2018 and was named the overall winner of the USQ Get Songwriting prize in both 2018 and 2019. Meg Beth has studied with songwriting masters such as Pat Pattison, professor of lyric writing and poetry at Berklee College of Music, Mark Sholtez, acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter and music educator, and Francesca de Valence, Australian artist, award-winning songwriter, speaker, and founder & CEO of I Heart Songwriting Club. 

Meg Beth pinpoints the struggles of her teenage years and the hardships of multiple moves throughout her school years as inspiration for her songwriting. “Songwriting always helps me through the hard times,” she says. “I like channelling all my emotions into music.” 

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